About Us

Roman Sock is a collaboration between the author Polly Letson and the entrepreneur Brigitte Read. It's home to both crocheted and knitted amigurumi designed to charm and bring joy and smiles.

You can contact us on info@romansock.com. If you have any questions or queries. We love to hear your stories and don't forget to share pictures of your finished work!!

You can find more about Polly and her series of novels on her website PollyLetson.com

Brie is one of the most innovative crocheters based in the UK. Crochet in the UK is still a growing craft but is much loved by old and young alike. She is based in Scotland - the beautiful city of Edinburgh in particular. If you have any crochet related questions please let her know she is available for classes, talks and lectures on crochet as well as designing for magazines, books or websites.